About the name.

Growing up in a small Pennsylvania farming and mining town, Grace's maternal Croatian grandfather's family were simply known as the Cuteys. No one knows how or why the pseudonym started (probably because they are the most adorable and kindhearted people you'd ever meet), but it stuck. When her grandfather moved to Cleveland, he left the name behind in Fredericktown, but fondly remembers his years in Pennsylvania as a Cutey boy. With her branding, Grace wanted to continue that nearly forgotten tradition of over eighty years.


About Grace.

Grace O'Malley is an ancient pirate queen of Ireland. Grace Áine (pronounced AHN-ya) O'Malley of Cleveland, Ohio, is a petite young woman with lots of hair who gets sunburn far too easily. Specializing in watercolor and pencil work, Grace has a degree in Illustration and a minor in Graphic Design from the Cleveland Institute of Art, but also sews and makes books when drawing gets too tedious. When she isn't working, she is most likely at home with her three cats or enjoying the perfect cup of tea over a binge session on Netflix. Sometimes she also hangs out with her cute little mom and they plant a lot of cacti together.